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 Step into the world of visual effects with our professional development workshop, designed for aspiring VFX artists ready to make a mark in the games industry. Over five weeks, immerse yourself in a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, all designed to elevate your understanding and execution of game visual effects. Students will spend 3-5 hrs per week, including a weekly live call.

Theoretical skills

Critical appraisal

The workshop introduces students to the concept of VFX Alchemy, and the key role that critical appraisal skills play in creating and iterating real time VFX in a professional context. Students will gain practical experience in analysing VFX examples and identifying and solving design and production problems. There is a strong emphasis on the application of artistic design principles to enhance gameplay functionality of VFX.

VFX Production skills

vfx design challenges

Each week of the workshop builds on the critical appraisal skills with practical activities. Students will apply the appraisal tool in 5 ‘quick labs’ to solve specific game production problems. They will then be given a final project scenario where they have a limited time to evaluate, solve problems, and implement corrections to a game VFX asset in engine

The workshop will end with a group reflection and discussion on their  learning and how they will apply that in professional contexts.

Workshop Benefits

Why Choose Alchemy VFX?

This workshop is a great chance for new VFX artists to boost their skills by learning how to evaluate and improve visual effects for games. They will get to practice their skills in real-life scenarios and learn how to share their ideas effectively, preparing them for a successful career in the games industry.

Under the guidance of Jeff Kuipers, a seasoned expert with 30 years in the games industry, participants will receive invaluable instruction that marries artistic principles with technical skills to master real-time VFX production.

100% Virtual: Accessible and Collaborative

Dive into our virtual VFX program where the digital environment mirrors real-world teamwork, making it accessible to learn and connect from anywhere. Join an online community of peers, enhancing your skills and expanding your professional network—all from the comfort of your space.

Guidance from Experienced Mentors

Benefit from the wisdom and insight of seasoned mentors, who bring years of industry experience into a virtual learning environment. Their guidance will illuminate your path, providing practical, career-enhancing advice tailored to the VFX domain.

Enhanced decision making & skill application

Hone your ability to rapidly apply artistic and technical principles for VFX refinement, making assets game-ready while developing a systematic approach to evaluate and enhance VFX – essential practices in real-time game production scenarios.

Hands-On Practice & Communication

Engage in dynamic ‘quick labs’ and a project scenario that test and enhance your VFX skills in real-world contexts. This hands-on approach is complemented by focused training on articulating creative decisions with clarity, increasing your ability to communicate effectively with teams and directors.

What will I learn?

Enhance Your VFX Skills and Career

Dive into our online courseware designed for both seasoned gaming industry professionals and aspiring visual effects artists. Our workshop offers a comprehensive pathway to excel in real-time visual effect production, featuring professional development modules, portfolio and demo reel reviews, real-time VFX mentorship, and job application guidance.

Whether you’re aiming to refine your skills, build a compelling portfolio, or secure your entry-level position through targeted training, our mentorship-driven approach prepares you for success in your VFX career journey. Join us and take the next step towards mastering VFX and propelling your career forward.


Critical VFX Appraisal Introduction

Students will delve into the significance of critical appraisal for VFX production and learn to analyze real-time VFX with a systematic approach, extracting key attributes from references for effective VFX design.

Gameplay in VFX Design

This section focuses on understanding and applying gameplay considerations to VFX design through targeted analysis and problem-solving activities, helping participants synthesize gameplay goals with artistic expression in VFX.

Mastering Artistic Design in VFX

Through a series of exercises and labs, participants will learn to integrate core artistic principles such as color, clarity, sequence, motion, and timing into their VFX designs, enhancing gameplay and visual experience.

Systematic Creative Decision Making

This section will teach a systematic approach to creative decision-making, where participants apply learned principles in quick labs and projects to resolve specific game production challenges.

Real-time VFX Project Implementation

Participants will engage in a time-bound project scenario, evaluating and refining a game VFX asset using the workshop’s teachings, demonstrating the practical application of appraisal and design principles in a professional-like environment.

Effective Communication and Feedback

The workshop emphasizes the importance of articulating VFX design decisions and receiving feedback, preparing participants to present their work confidently to directors and peers, thereby enriching their collaborative and presentation skills.

Immersive Workshop Activities

A range of dynamic activities like VFX analysis, Unreal labs, and a project scenario will support the comprehensive learning and application of competencies essential for VFX design in the games industry.

Reflection and Career Application

Concluding with a group reflection, the workshop discusses how the participants will apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge in professional contexts, enhancing their career prospects in the VFX field of the games industry.


Success Stories

Discover the journeys of our students, from aspiring artists to industry professionals. Hear firsthand how our immersive program and dedicated mentorship paved their path to success in the dynamic world of visual effects.

Bethany Show

New Designer

Transformed My Career

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Jane Waller

Professional Designer

Transformed My Career

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Brain Stall

Academy Student

Transformed My Career

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The Instruction

About Jeff

Jeff Kuipers is a real-time visual effects expert with 30 years experience in the video games industry. He has been involved in all aspects of games VFX production, from building VFX assets, developing pipelines, and managing teams of VFX artists on AAA titles.

Jeff has helped entry level VFX artists get hired into their first position, and has also trained and mentored junior and senior VFX artists to develop their skills and confidence to succeed in the industry.

Learn From The Best

Your Mentor And trainer

Jeff sees real-time VFX production as a kind of alchemy that requires a deep understanding of both artistic principles and technical skill. The “gold” of a well designed VFX creates a deeper and richer connection between the player and the game world.

Jeff was a VFX Director and Lead VFX artist at Electronic Arts for 16 years. He helped ship a dozen AAA titles on a variety of platforms including Need for Speed, Command and Conquer Rivals, Lord of the Rings : Return of the King & Third Age, Deadspace, Simpsons, Dante’s Inferno, Godfather 1 & 2 and Star Wars : Galaxy of Heroes.

Years Experience

aaa games shipped

a few of the studios we’ve worked with

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