We Are Experts

With 20+ years experience creating VFX, we have helped ship over a dozen AAA games for mobile and console. 

We’re adept at every stage of VFX production including:

  • Pre-Production and Look Development
  • Full Production and Integration
  • Polish and Optimization.

Accomplished in a variety of game genres and art styles

What we Provide

VFX Consulting

  • VFX Requirements for your project
  • VFX Production Pipelines
  • VFX Budgets for various platforms
  • VFX Toolset Requirements and workflow improvements


VFX Production

  • VFX Style Guides and Look Development
  • Direction of VFX Teams
  • VFX Asset Production including emitters, textures, shaders, and meshes
  • Communication with Art Director, Designers, Tech Directors, and Producers
  • In-game Integration
  • Performance Optimization across all target devices.

VFX Training and Mentorship

  • Training and Mentoring for junior VFX artists
  • VFX Best Practices
  • Quality and Consistency guidelines
  • Portfolio Reviews

Recent Projects